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Thula (Libra) - The Scale
Libra rules the space below the navel of the Kala Purusha

The sign of Thule rises with it's head, is strong during the day, has black complexion, is rajoguni in nature; it resides in the West and wanders on the earth; it is violent; is of Shudra Varna and has medium sized body and is biped. It lord is Venus.

Air - Libra seeks to follow a fair and intellectual path.
Moveable - Libra will prefer the challenge of starting new things rather than perfecting the things they have already started or being flexible enough to do either one.
Male - Libra is a positively charged sign - given to action and external life.
Rajas - Libra is primarily motivated by the possibility of fulfilling a desire.
Biped - Libra has 2 legs, which shows and average capacity to move forward and persevere through life, yet a more adaptable nature than the quadrupeds. Two legged creatures move laterally with more ease.
Medium - Libra will want to maintain moderation and balance in their presentation and activities, which allows them to stay realistic.
Venus - Libra is ruled by Venus, which shows a sensual and courteous path through life.
The Male expression of Venus as a Moveable Air Sign comes to life through the Sign of Libra. The active quality of Venus as the planet of happiness is being learned in through the sign of Libra. The Libran scales vacillate between the desired object and the outlay of energy or time it will take to realize the object. The rajasic, passionate nature of this sign shows a desire filled personality as air is the element of desire and it rules the intellect. Balancing their own desires with the desires and wishes of those affected by their decisions is the main cycle of action with Libra. This does not always mean the Libran will seek the steady and the stable. In fact many times they will seek the chaotic, in order to balance it later and learn the desired lesson and how to act instinctively. But the intellect will not be able to make a proper decision in the new experiences the Libran will gravitate toward. Thus they must learn to trust their gut and make a decision, then live with it. Yet, Venus as the ruling planet will deny any ultimate enjoyment from experiences or sensual objects if all concerned were not honored in the process of its fulfillment. As the Libran learns to value themselves and others equally, a greater respect and value for all is integrated and the active quality of Venus is realized.

The Libra native experiences confusion around taking positive action as the Moon is Lord of the 10th house, the "Karma Bhava", the houses of action. Librans will vacillate mentally trying to feel their way through yet after much struggle will still feel ill equipped to act or wind up doubting their actions later. They will compensate for this behavior by relying too heavily on the opinions of others and the general consensus of their peers, as shown by the Sun as 11th lord.



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