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Simha (Leo) - Symbolized by the Lion 
Leo rules the stomach of the Kala Purusha
The sign Leo is of Sattwic disposition and lorded by the Sun; it is four footed and Kshatriya (warrior) by race and resides in forests; it rises with its head and has a bulky body and is pale in hue; it resides in the east and is strong in the day.

Fire - Leo seeks to follow their inspirations and intuition
Fixed - Leo will prefer perfecting the things they have started rather than starting new things or being flexible and open to the many possibilities.
Male - Leo is a positively Charged Sign - given to action and external life
Sattwa - Leo is primarily motivated by the possibility of doing something good.
Quadruped - Leo has 4 legs, which shows they have a high capacity to move forward and persevere when things get tough.
Large - Leo will want to feel themselves to be influential and want to do things in a large way, Their presence will be a large one.
Sun - Leo is ruled by the Sun, which shows a powerful and capable path through life.

The Sun is lord of Leo as fire expressed in a fixed form. It is through the sign of Leo that each chart is illumined by the mighty Sun. The fixed quality of fire allows for the path of Leos to be illumined in a steadfast and inspirational way. Leo is of Sattwic nature; able to be inspired toward the things that are uplifting and that bring truth to themselves and others. The natural power and charisma of the Sun allows the native to attract what they need to blaze a trail through life and be recognized for it. The ability to sacrifice the lower forms of ego to the higher forms of Self and truth are being learned when the Soul enters Leo. Through generosity and humility the inherently magnanimous nature of the Sun is learning to emerge. This is the Sun that shares its rays with all of creation. As being the source of all light in the chart the Leo native is innately aware of their own power and the power of others and may be tempted to turn others into satellites, living to be surrounded by weaker personalities who merely reflect back a lower Self image. But as long as the Leo functions merely to feel the lower personality, the Sun may make them a petty tyrant and one whose large appearance will likely express the largest of egos. When the Leo remembers the highest Sun blazing forth within, their naturally generous nature provides the warming and uplifting light, which allows all to shine in their presence.

The Leo native feels vulnerable letting go of their powerful self- image and personality as well as relaxing into life's ups and downs as shown by the Moon ruling the 12th house. They will overcompensate by projecting a strong, confident and secure personality as shown by the Sun ruling the 1st house. They may surround themselves with those weaker in order to bolster this false sense of self - importance and power.


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