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Mithuna (Gemini) - The Couple
Gemini rules the arms and shoulders of the Kala Purusha
The sign Mithuna rises with its head, it is represented by a couple (Man and Woman) holding a mace and a lute: It resides in the West and its element is Air. It is biped, is strong in the night. It resides in villages and is windy in temperament; it has an even body and it's hue is grass green. It's lord is Mercury.

Air - Gemini seeks to follow a fair and intellectual path.
Dual - Gemini will prefer being open to the many possibilities of life, as they are equally able to start something new or perfect what they have.
Male - Gemini is a positively charged sign - given to action and external life.
Rajas - Gemini is primarily motivated by the possibility of fulfilling a desire.
Biped - Gemini has 2 legs, which shows an average capacity to move forward and persevere through life, yet a more adaptable nature than the quadrupeds as 2-legged creatures move laterally with more ease.
Even - Gemini will want equality in their dealings and a fair exchange which, allows the flexibility and neutrality to seek intellectual truth
Mercury - Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which shows an intellectual and curious path through life.

At the evolutionary stage of Gemini, the soul is curious and experimental, flexible and open, eager to discover new things about the world. As the 3rd sign, they are perhaps the most skilled and will have many interests. They love to learn and use their minds, as the lightning speed of Mercury is unfettered, expressing his male energy through Mutable Air in Gemini. As Gemini rules the neck, arms and shoulders this is where we get the ability to turn our head from side to side and consider all of life's possibilities, not just what is directly in front of us. With this comes the intelligence to ponder these choices and to act on them, developing our skills in the process, through the hands and arms. They are the most verbal and loquacious, perhaps the most playful and certainly the most flirtatious as well. They are generally witty and amiable but can also be "jack of all trades, master of none". They prefer the stimulation that accompanies learning new things to doing the work necessary to master them. Being twins, one male and one female, gives them a capacity for the "evil twin" syndrome and shows them often involved with 2 things at a time. They are regarded as the most adaptable of all signs, but they can be seduced by novelty and trivia, pursuing things simply for entertainment or stimulation. Their delicate nervous systems can easily be overwhelmed or exhausted, leading to anxiety and neurotic behavior. But they can also be very sensitive and emotionally attuned, usually idealistic and fair-minded owing to their even appearance. Mercury can give them impartiality from their own mental dramas as well. When they seek inner knowledge not outer stimulation, their natural skill and intelligence can be very spiritual.


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