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Makara (Capricorn) - Symbolized by a Goat

Cardinal - Earth - Female- Rules the knees of the Kala Purusha

This sign is lorded by Saturn, is Tamoguni and its element is earth. It resides in the South and is strong in the night. It rises with its back, has an unwieldy or huge body is variegated and wanders on land and in forests. It is quadruped in the first half and is foot less in the second half and glides in water.

Earth - Capricorn seeks to follow a consistent and practical path.
Moveable - Capricorn will prefer the challenge of starting new things rather than perfecting the things they have already started or being flexible enough to do either one.
Female - is negatively charged sign - given to reflection and the internal process
Tamas - Capricorn is primarily motivated by the possibility of preventing or removing difficulty.
Quadruped / Watery - Capricorn is Quadruped in the First half showing a powerful stability at first. They are watery at the end, showing a tendency to more fluidity and flexibility later on.
Large - Capricorn will want to feel themselves to be influential and want to do things in a large way, Their presence will be a large one.
Saturn - Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which shows a practical and serious course through life.

Saturn reflects upon itself through his female side in a Moveable Earth Sign through Capricorn. A determined and practical course through life is seen here. Saturn is largely a fear-based planet and through Capricorn will be motivated by Tamas, ever aware of troubles to be averted, prevented or overcome. Once the native learns to calm the natural fears of their ruling Saturn, inhibition and self-control is replaced by meditation and implementing the proper daily routines that allow for a greater Spiritual awakening to unfold; as this native is very able to thrive in isolation and work through their salvation. Saturn will also generally make for conservative values and a preference for what is useful which allows them how to navigate the details of life and avoid trouble. These natives are well aware of limitations and will devote much of their time looking to control the many things that can go wrong. Thus, a calculating and controlling mentality can be observed. Yet there are also high ambitions and much success possible as Saturn makes them experts at persevering through difficulties and learning from their mistakes. But much of this learning can simply be to avoid future pain. The concerns of family and earning a good living that can adequately provide for this family are a large part of the Capricorn psyche. This will generally make them take on a high level of responsibility.

The Capricorn native will experience vulnerability in relationships and with others in general. The necessary compromise in relationships is especially hard for them as shown by the Moon as 7th lord. They will assert a lot of self - control and discipline, engage in power plays, or assume a domineering role and / or obsess sexually to compensate for this weakness as shown by the Sun as 8th lord. They may also force the relationship into a sphere where other people's money becomes important, like their own. This is one of the most simple, yet complex placements as the 8th house is a house of death, sex, obsession, but mainly a house of power and self-preservation.



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