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Moon Study From April 2012 - Cancer, Aslesha, Suicide,
Entanglements, Vishnu, Adishesha

(Cancer) - Symbolized by the Crab 
Cancer rules the heart of the Kala Purusha
Sage Parashara says: The sign Kataka is pale red in hue, resides in forests, Brahmin by caste and is strong in the night. It is many footed and has a bulky body; it is Sattwic in disposition, it's element is water; it rises with its back and the Moon has been regarded as its lord.

Water - Cancer seeks to follow a subjective path of connection and unity.
Moveable - Cancer will prefer the challenge of starting new things rather than perfecting the things they have already started or being flexible enough to do either one.
Female - Cancer is a negatively charged sign - given to reflection and the internal process.
Sattwa - Cancer is primarily motivated by the possibility of doing something good.
Watery / Insect - Cancer has many legs (insect) which shows a slow and side-to-side movement, which is mainly an evasive action and in a flowing, adaptable manner as is the nature of water.
Bulky - Cancer will bring a heaviness to the things in their life, an accumulation, that helps them feel connected.
Moon - Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which shows a subjective and feeling centered course through life.

At the evolutionary stage of Cancer, the soul is learning about the nature of the emotions. They are ruled by the Moon, which makes them peaceful, kind, romantic, gentle in nature, changeable and fickle. As the 4th sign of the Zodiac, Cancer represents what is most hidden, most private and most personal, it also rules the Chest / heart area in the body. This makes them some of the most domestic creatures in the Zodiac. They love to cook and nurture others and have strong maternal tendencies. Yet in some, these tendencies may simply be an avoidance of introspection. The Moon compels them to feel first and think later, giving a sympathetic, receptive nature. The Moon is the power to reflect, which may make these natives too "other" oriented. Yet, at the same time they are perhaps the most self-centered of all signs. Their vulnerabilities and cancer astrology moonemotional needs can be as high or higher than their desire to connect to others. A sort of over domestic smothering quality is often seen. Their ruling Moon is like a sponge, it absorbs the emotional influences it contacts. The Cancer native is always looking for the right balance between what to let in and what to filter out.
The issue of boundaries is a big one for these natives, and it can lead to the famous Cancerian protective shell and with insect / watery feet, they are able to move quickly sideways to avert perceived danger. Care must be taken not to turn these protective measures into a prison. But they are some of the most naturally religious, spiritual and devoted creatures, often times in an orthodox way. They must take great care to not be overtaken by insecurities and fantasies. The darker side of the Cancer native is prone to extreme depression and moodiness, complacency and passive aggressiveness, where their entire outside experience is but a projection of their inner turmoil.

The Cancer natives are vulnerable in the area of themselves. They are the most self - conscious of natives as the Moon rules the 1st house. They can easily lose themselves in the interpretations of others, creating much insecurity. They overcompensate by seeking to control their immediate outer environment, relying heavily on self-esteem, values, family ties, accumulating wealth and clinging to security issues as seen through the Sun's lordship of the 2nd house.


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