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Mesha (Aries)
Cardinal - Fire- Male - Rules the Head of the Kala Purusha

Sage Parashara says: The sign Aries has blood red complexion, huge bulky body, is a quadruped sign and is strong during night. It resides in the East, is of Royal caste and wanders in hills. It has the predominance of Rajo Guna, rises with its back and is fiery: its lord is Mars.

Fire - Aries seeks to follow their inspirations and intuition.
Moveable - Aries will prefer the challenge of starting new things rather than perfecting the things they have already started or being flexible enough to do either one.
Male - Aries is a positively Charged Sign - given to action and external life
Rajas - Aries is primarily motivated by the possibility of fulfilling a desire.
Quadruped - Aries has 4 legs, which shows they have a high capacity to move forward and persevere when things get tough.
Large - Aries would like recognition for themselves and the things they do and they will likely be a noticeable person.
Mars - Aries is ruled by Mars, which shows a bold and courageous course through life.

At the evolutionary stage of Aries the soul is beginning a new phase of growth. It is hot with life. Wanting to rush headlong into new experiences. It is Through the Cardinal sign of Fire that Ruling planet Mars expresses his masculine side through Aries. This gives them an "Act now, think later" extroverted personality. They are usually very achievement oriented and often successful, owing to their prominent appearance. But they need to maintain consistency in their efforts and learn to stay focused even when the thrill of conquest has worn off. They can be loners as they like to "wander in hills, " the ram will often live away from home where they can prosper. Arians have a sharp and focused mind, but can tend to over think things, as Aries rules the top of the head, the seat of inspiration. As a quadruped sign, they will hit the ground running. The ram charges with his head down and his eyes lowered, not always looking where it is going, often running into walls in the process. They are the most reckless of signs. They can have a fondness for athletics, enjoying both the physical release and the competition and enjoy games in general. The "blood red complexion" referred to by Parashara is the predominant pitta dosha, the fire which courses through their veins. But with all of this fire comes an impatient nature. If unchecked this impatience can turn into anger and hostility. When their courageous and enthusiastic nature is aligned with higher purposes, not just bold and brash actions, their higher potential can unfold.

The Aries native experiences high levels of emotional vulnerability as the Moon rules the 4th house. The ruling planet Mars is debilitated in this house, deepening this crisis of vulnerability. They will compensate for this by using their powerful intelligence and discriminating mind as the Sun is 5th lord. This is magnified by the Sun's exaltation in the 1st house.


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