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Kumba (Aquarius) - A man holding an empty Pot

Aquarius rules the calves and ankles of the Kala Purusha

The sign Kumba is symbolized by a male holding a pot. it ha a brown complexion and medium sized body and is biped. It is strong in day, resides in deep water and its element is air. It rises with its head and is Tamoguna. Its Varna is shudra (low born). It is the Lord of the Western direction. It's lorded or ruled by Saturn.

Air - Aquarius seeks to follow a fair and intellectual path.
Fixed - Aquarius will prefer perfecting the things they have started rather than starting new things or being flexible and open to the many possibilities.
Male - Aquarius is a positively charged sign - given to action and external life.
Tamas - Aquarius is primarily motivated by the possibility of preventing or removing difficulty.
Biped - Aquarius has 2 legs, which shows and average capacity to move forward and persevere through life, yet a more adaptable nature than the quadrupeds. Two legged creatures move laterally with more ease.
Medium - Aquarius will want to maintain moderation and balance in their presentation and activities, which allows them to stay realistic.
Saturn - Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, which shows a practical and serious course through life.

Saturn expresses his male side through fixed Air in the Sign of Aquarius.Saturn is the lord of the 1st house and the 12th house giving the Aquarians a humble nature and weak self-image. The Aquarians must be careful not to allow their natural humility to descend into a masochistic servitude. In the unevolved Aquarian, this cycle of suffering is simply a way to avoid self-reflection and gives them quite a martyr complex to boot, leading to much bitterness. However, they have a natural sense of duty and purpose and once aligned with right understanding and a healthy self-esteem, their brilliant mind and peaceful nature can lead to a life where the strengths and weaknesses of all are honored in the spirit of dignified service to humanity. It is natural for Aquarians to be aligned with causes and ideas much bigger than themselves. They will naturally work hard to advance the universal principles of brotherhood and fairness due to this self-negating mindset. But personally, this selfless mindset can land Aquarians in relationships where they are not equal to their partners, but are serving them. Aquarians are naturally able to see others strengths, but may overlook their own. This tendency can easily turn into a subservience, where they are not respected or loved in return, due to feelings of unworthiness. This is the result of ruling Saturn and the Moon as 6th lord conditioning the mind to suffering and service.

The Aquarius natives have an inherently weak mental self - image, one that feels the work involved with maintaining a positive outlook. This can also give them a sense that they owe a debt to the world. The Moon as 6th lord shows these things. The Sun as 7th lord will try to rescue them by relying too heavily on others for confidence, both in romantic relationships and public life. They will often lack power in relationships, accepting a servile role in them.


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