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Arlington Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients all over the world.

Given that we are not directly immersed in nature everyday, it is easy to forget that we are residing on a large round globe that makes one revolution per day and moves around a larger globe at the center of a larger system of planets.Arlington Astrologer

Through Astrology we see which of our energies are stronger and weaker, as shown by the Planets. The chart below shows the highest lesson and the lowest expression of each of the 7 main Planets in Vedic Astrology as well as the North and South Nodes.

The Moon is our memories and dreams and that which is the most familiar to us, both good and bad. Many of us may be unsure of our soul’s intention, but we are all sure of our past and what feel natural to us. 

A strong, or at least unafflicted Mercury is necessary for any and all forms of commerce and interchange. How can we get what we need or want if we are not able to ask for it or be understood clearly when we do? This is the domain of Mercury. 

Arlington Astrologer here.

It is an unfortunate but true fact that human beings do not learn anything when all is going well. We fall asleep and enjoy the fun! But then our difficult karma awakens us from our slumber and we must face the truth.

Arlington Astrologer here.

The lines and mounts of palmistry are planetary – the cards in a tarot deck mirror planets in signs and other Astrological archetypes and numerology is also based on unique planetary energetics.

Essentially, the Astrological chart is a portrait of the pattern of our karma. Astrology shows the history of our soul: its progress so far.

As the Moon reflects the Sun’s divine light, illuminating the mind and it’s perceptions, and as indicating growth and divine love, as the Sun’s consort, she is ruled by Parvati. 

Let’s face it, if all there was to do was work and do our duties with no relief or enjoyment, life would not even be worth living. Almost anything we can associate with ‘living the good life,’ falls under the domain of Venus. 

Life is change and Saturn doesn’t like it. Saturn creates fear, stress, anxiety, worry, bitterness, coldness, callousness and grief.