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  Ardra Nakshatra | FARC Jungle Rescue | Leona Helmsley | Dog Inheritance | July 2 2008
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Ardra Nakshatra | FARC Jungle Rescue | Leona Helmsley | Dog Inheritance | July 2 2008

When i write these daily forecasts it is more from the perspective of trying to give a quick guide to the day and the potential to help others avoid difficulty if possible and work with the energies,.. etc.

Yet two news stories yesterday were so typical of the type of magic shown by vedic astrology that i had to point them out. . First here is what i wrote.. trying to convey many things.

"I would not be surprised if there was some sort of shocking and perhaps even heinous crime or event today. This section of sky is ruled by Rahu -- and the Hindu god Lord Rudra - the Vedic version of Lord Shiva. This is a Nakshatra of destruction and power. Destruction is not necessarily bad, it is necessary for transformation -- there is a lot of it possible today. In this section of sky we will often defend a righteous cause and do something harsh in the process. This Nakshatra is also related to animals and hunting, especially dogs. Disgraced football star Michael Vick has planets in this Nakshatra."

These two events are what I refer to.
Dog Groups try to fetch Helmsley Fortune:

Betancourt and US Contractors resued from FARC in the jungles of Colombia:

Look at how these things played out. The causes we are willing to fight for and even die for were both played out and luckily there were no very difficult events along the way. Rather than destroy something worth having, there were two stories about destroying evil or the possibility of that - even the story about literally protecting dogs - the animal associated with this Nakshatra. There was no heinous crime, but there was this shocking, unexpected event. If you are these kidnappers there was a heinous perpetration against your evil plans. The protection of animals is certainly included in the "righteous caues" that we may over-defend. I will speak from personal experience as an animal lover and avid "non meater-eater" - i have opened my big mouth one too many times when the moon was in Ardra overv this very issue - animal rights.

I also discussed the association with governments and power figures (like a Leona Helmsley).

"Yet, with these two malefic planets are in the sign of Leo, the sign of the king, the sign of government, notice how nasty the political debate has suddenly gotten between Barack Obama and John McCain. Also notice the recent rumblings about how the United States government actually has war plans in Iran. Both Mars and Saturn are in Leo, in a Nakshatra of Magha (Regulus) - the Sun has been in Ardra for close to two weeks now. In fact, the sun moved into a Nakshatra of Ardra the same day that Mars moved into Leo - June 20, 2008".  

Anyway, I am not saying these things to make myself look smart, just to show the overall and overlooked power of Astrology and how this divine universe is making everything happen just as it should.

A few more things. The planet Rahu is related to jungles and forests  (it represents the ego trying to navigate jungle of maya). I went back to research the day that the initial kidnapping happened. It was the result of a mission that took place on February 12, 2003 in the jungles of Colombia. Where was the Moon that day? in the Nakshatra of Ardra for the second half of the day (Mrigashira, the first half). This type of movement of the Moon from Mrigashira to Ardra was also seen in the Tsunami of 04. So on that day, the very type of event i described in Wednesday's forecast indeed happened. And yes, Leon Helmsley has her natal Sun AND venus in which Nakshatra, Ardra. In case you are not aware, Ms. Helmsley left most of her entire fortune to dog charities. Her "widowed" dog now lives on 2 million dollars a year. The "Queen of Mean" (Ms. Helmsley's nickname) certainly does not apply to her patronage of dogs, the animal associated with Ardra - Her loving (Venus) and Protective (Sun) side expresses themselves here.

I am doing a presentation at the next ACVA conference in Grass Valley on this Nakshatra and its potential for unexpected calamity and redemption.

best wishes,