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April 2012 Vedic Astrology Forecast

Vedic astrology forecast for April 2012 from Sam Geppi (Sadasiva)


Spring forward this April by emerging from the Chrysalis

April 3-4
Emotional battles of will are possible for a few days as the Moon joins Mars in Leo. Emotional frustration could be running high as Mars is still retrograde and the general of the army is running the kingdom. Your life could resemble a military dictatorship. To keep the guns and tanks at bay, inner strength and discipline is required.

April 6
The Full Moon will be in Virgo, showing the emotional balancing point of the current Pisces cycle that began March 22. Organizing and managing all of the details in life will be felt now; as the current Pisces cycle has us feeling in the Chrysalis, gestating, and waiting for the new cycle of life to start. In order for the gestating fetus to grow, many precise steps must be taken (Virgo).   
 April 2012 Vedic astrology
The full moon occurs at the first degree of Chitra Nakshatra, ruled by the divine architect, Vishwa karma, the great builder. There is no need to “dream about” utopia, better to build it right here on Earth as your life. It takes the proper mixing of imagination (Pisces), along with effort and skill (Virgo/Chitra).

April 7-10
This is a difficult section of the month, with the Moon either joined Saturn or Rahu. Be careful of depression with the Moon/Saturn conjunction. Introspection and simplicity are encouraged now. Saturn promotes maturity by showing us the truth of our attachments. If you have a meditation practice, it could go very deep now. If not, you might wish to start now.

April 9-10
Imagined fears are high with the debilitated Moon in Scorpio with Rahu. These are not good days to process emotional difficulty with others, just wait and instead dive deep into the heart—deeper than the waves of emotion that toss us about.

April 14
We begin to feel like things are moving forward again as Mars moves direct. Since turning retrograde on January 22, Mars retrograde in Leo has us taking on life challenges like a declawed pussycat. No More! As Swami Sivananda said: “Roar OM OM OM like a Lion of Vedanta.” It is time to put that great teaching into practice again and reconnect our actions to our highest sense of duty and purpose.

April 16
Collective vs. individual needs will be at a standoff as Moon in Aquarius opposes Mars in Leo. There could be social pressures colliding with individual needs or unruly individuals challenging you now. Striking just the right balance is needed and may turn rivals into advocates for your cause.

April 20
The New Moon is a time when Sun and Moon come together, initiating a new cycle of growth. This New Moon in Aries shows the new life springing forth. The Sun is exalted in Aries, the sign of trusting/following our instincts and acting with courage.

Are you rising to the challenges in life or are you too “Spiritual” for that? You must answer those questions now. There is nothing spiritual about shrinking from your heart’s desire. This New Moon happens in Ashwini Nakshatra (Star), symbolized as two horses, fast and swift. When we have courage to take action, results come swiftly. There is no substitute for speed, especially when taking on a new challenge or pushing a new growth edge.

April 23-24
Great days of devotion, beauty and love occur at the end of April. First there will be a conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Ketu. The Moon is exalted here, showing the highest state of peace and contentment with the world and its objects are possible at this time. The Moon, (heart/emotions) are the most settled and stabilized when outer needs are met or we are content with them. Probe the depths of fleeting emotions and illusions now.

April 28-29
The Moon goes into Cancer, its own sign, bringing selflessness to the love in your heart. Children, pets and others we love, with no need of reciprocation, are supported now. However, Cancer is also the sign where we feel the pain of separation from the purity of universal love, that love which needs no reflection to feel whole. Surrender is required, and close to the surface on these days.