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Ann Arbor Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients all over the world.

Just because I can turn on my computer or drive a car does not mean I understand how it works. If Buddha were to appear today he would be clueless as to how to operate a Palm pilot or a spreadsheet program. That does not make me more intelligent or better able to understand the world than Buddha.Ann Arbor Astrologer


Mantra – Om Kum Kujayai Namah

In fact herein lies the challenge of Venus. Most of our energy in life is spent chasing the things of Venus. We seek good things not bad. We want good food, good music, love, pleasure and we flee from their opposite. 

Ann Arbor Astrologer here.

  As Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and the ability to expand, through Ketu, he removes obstacles in our spiritual path, enabling us to expand internally. Whereas Rahu is the Planet of worldly expansion, attached to worldly desires. Ketu is a contraction of that same energy. 

Ann Arbor Astrologer here.

When viewed with full understanding, the Astrology chart is a portrait of the Soul's karma's at the time of incarnation.

The Prism of Maya

As the Moon reflects the Sun’s divine light, illuminating the mind and it’s perceptions, and as indicating growth and divine love, as the Sun’s consort, she is ruled by Parvati. 

These are also the domain of Venus. Venus is a female planet. Occupation: The Arts, sensual or sexual businesses, beauty, female things, law / justice, food and hospitality, counselor

It is never possible to feel complete. And this hurts us deeply. This hurt can only be worked out by each individual in solitude. Saturn gives us this solitude. At first by making us withdraw in fear or bitterness or depression, then later by giving us the determination to find answers and heal the wound in our hearts.