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Anchorage Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients all over the world.

However, besides providing us with a breathtaking light show, Planetary and Stellar movements also have an effect on us.Anchorage Astrologer

  Similarly there is a false sense of separateness that we have from each other and from our collective source. We try to understand the wholeness of reality through these limiting qualities of form and thought. Without a prism there would be no separation of light.

It is not his fault that we are not only ignorant, but unaware of our ignorance and threatened by others power. He is doing his job, to make us tough, but we are fighting to defend the wrong things, the transient things in the world or our own opinions about them. 

Jupiter is also not a rebel by any means. His high aims and ethics can be too orthodox at times and actually be a barrier to the inquiry necessary for any meaningful spiritual growth. 

Anchorage Astrologer here.

The mind is what we need to see clearly with so as to understand our problems and Rahu can obscure that clarity. Sage Parashara states, “Rahu creates smoke…” Rahu expands, exaggerates and obsesses over the things he contacts. 

Anchorage Astrologer here.

  Its sister Science Ayurveda, is mainly concerned with the physical world and our physical bodies.

Visualizing light through a prism, the world of Maya (illusion) is represented by the fragmentation of the one ray of light into seven colors. It is through the prism of the mind / body  / ego that light appears to be its 7 component colors.

Archetype: Aleister Crowley

When weak or compromised Venus makes us over eat, or eat the wrong things, have too strong of a sexual desire nature which disrupts our life, causing relationships based on physical pleasure, not general compatibility. 

It is never possible to feel complete. And this hurts us deeply. This hurt can only be worked out by each individual in solitude. Saturn gives us this solitude. At first by making us withdraw in fear or bitterness or depression, then later by giving us the determination to find answers and heal the wound in our hearts.