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Anaheim Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients all over the world.

Many of mankind’s earliest drawings, cave paintings and writings were Astrological records of some sort.Anaheim Astrologer

Essentially, the Astrological chart is a portrait of the pattern of our karma. Astrology shows the history of our soul: its progress so far.

When our individual will and principles are aligned with the Cosmic will, Mars is the King of dharma. (right action) When our individual will is aligned with our ego, Mars creates many problems. 

In this way he is Lord Vishnu, the maintainer, and the voice of truth in the manifest universe. 

Anaheim Astrologer here.

  Saturn represents the power of our actions and the ability to practice what we have learned, not just acknowledge it mentally. It gives the focus to carry out what we have started and bring it to completion. 

Anaheim Astrologer here.

The lines and mounts of palmistry are planetary – the cards in a tarot deck mirror planets in signs and other Astrological archetypes and numerology is also based on unique planetary energetics.

We incarnate when the planets arrange in accordance to our karmic lessons.

Every living organism throbs with the energy of the Sun. Every heartbeat or moment of photosynthesis or other act that sustains life, has as its origin and is dependant on the Sun.

Jupiter rules Thursday and he is a male planet. Occupations: teacher, priest, lawyer, judge, expanding knowledge and healing, successful, wealthy, Mantra – Om Gam Ganapataye Namah (Ganesha)  Keywords: Teacher, preacher, friendly, expansive, optimistic, happy, successful, Archetype: Billy Graham

He is what makes us fearfully cling to our embodied life or disconnect ourselves from others. Day to day we try assuage our feeling of separateness through our relations with other people and activities, but this always falls a little short.