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Allentown Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients all over the world.

When viewed with full understanding, the Astrology chart is a portrait of the Soul's karma's at the time of incarnation.Allentown Astrologer

We suffer when we experience love through our limitation. In the case of love, we experience Venus in limitation. With Mars, for example, we suffer when we experience limited power -- with Mercury limited skills and knowledge -- with Jupiter, limited understanding, etc.

  The Moon rules Monday and is a Female planet. Occupations: Teacher, work with children or women, therapist counselor, Public relations, actor, doctor, food or hospitality

Mercury – (Budha) rules GEMINI (masculine) and VIRGO (feminine) - A Rajasic Planet – Mercury is ruled by Lord Vishnu – Lord Vishnu imbues Mercury with the power of discrimination, reason, intellectual compassion and the skills necessary to transform ideas into worldly manifestation. 

Allentown Astrologer here.

Wisdom is knowledge we already have. Past lessons we have already learned, the things no one ever had to teach us. We learn those lessons because of the pain and suffering experienced through Saturn. 

Allentown Astrologer here.

By evening, as the Earth falls into shadow, our mind’s and bodies prepare for the evenings rest and rejuvenation, presided over by Moon.

Through Astrology we see which of our energies are stronger and weaker, as shown by the Planets. The chart below shows the highest lesson and the lowest expression of each of the 7 main Planets in Vedic Astrology as well as the North and South Nodes.

It is the unmistakable light of truth that we are all seeking. Just as we cannot look directly at the Sun with our physical eyes, we are not able to find the truth in the outside world. We must look inside where the truth shines with the strength of a million Suns.

A default acceptance of the family’s orthodox view can inhibit the spiritual journey. We must align our sense of duty and virtue, with divine purposes to elevate the soul’s expression and those around them, and not to just doing good things to gain the approval of others. 

It is an unfortunate but true fact that human beings do not learn anything when all is going well. We fall asleep and enjoy the fun! But then our difficult karma awakens us from our slumber and we must face the truth.