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Alexandria Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients all over the world.

Many other Earthly cycles such as high and low tides, women’s menstrual cycles and the mating habits and rituals of many other Earth creatures are determined by the Moon’s monthly orbit.Alexandria Astrologer

Enlightenment is when someone has fully reintegrated all seven rays into their being, fully understanding the forces behind them. (The psychological and elemental qualities of the planets are referred to in the section on the Chakras, as Chakras are simply the planetary forces in our Astral/mental body) But since we are not yet complete, we express their energies through our limitation.

The Moon represents the Mother. The higher Moon reflects the spirit of joy and sharing that comes with having peace of mind; the lower Moon reflects the withdrawal and fear we experience when faced with losing that peace. The Sun and Moon represent the archetypical male / female. 

Occupations: anything computer related (especially design oriented), accountant, sales, writer, skilled handiwork, craftsman, communications, doctor (dentist), secretary Mantra – OM Namo Narayanaya (Vishnu)
Keywords: communications, two faced, flexible, talkative, gregarious, fond of jokes, flirtatious, nervous Archetype: Bill Gates .

Alexandria Astrologer here.

  As Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and the ability to expand, through Ketu, he removes obstacles in our spiritual path, enabling us to expand internally. Whereas Rahu is the Planet of worldly expansion, attached to worldly desires. Ketu is a contraction of that same energy. 

Alexandria Astrologer here.

These are not just heavenly cycles; they are human ones.

For example, Venus in her full expression brings selfless love – divine love – compassion. We try to express this through the love we make with our partners.

Mars – (Kuja) Rules ARIES (masculine) and SCORPIO. (feminine) It is a Tamasic Planet - Mars is ruled by Skanda / Subramanya. 

In fact herein lies the challenge of Venus. Most of our energy in life is spent chasing the things of Venus. We seek good things not bad. We want good food, good music, love, pleasure and we flee from their opposite. 

Rahu – A Tamasic Planet - Durga, the wrathful female diety is the ruler of Rahu. It is through the grace of Mother Durga that the Tamasic energy of Rahu can be transformed.