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Albuquerque Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients all over the world.

Reclaiming this lost spiritual heritage is central to our survival as a species. Astrology is an example of this deeper connection to truth and a large part of reclaiming our spiritual roots.Albuquerque Astrologer

We suffer when we experience love through our limitation. In the case of love, we experience Venus in limitation. With Mars, for example, we suffer when we experience limited power -- with Mercury limited skills and knowledge -- with Jupiter, limited understanding, etc.

So let’s look at each of the Planets. Their movements and properties impact us on all levels: Physical, mental and spiritual. Their energies are our component energies.

We can seek it outwardly in the form of pleasure, or inwardly as joy. We can seek it is transient things and lose it, or in the eternal and truly find it. 

Albuquerque Astrologer here.

  As such Ketu eclipses the Sun, the self in this way. He creates deep self doubt. This is the false self however, the self in the world, the show, the ego. Ketu is our divine discontent, our burning desire to be free of our body. (remember he is a body without a head). 

Albuquerque Astrologer here.

Modern arrogance has a tendency to dismiss the wisdom of ancient civilizations because they lacked our modern technology, with all its implied sophistication. But we should not mistake our advanced technology to mean an advanced understanding of the world, or even to mean an understanding of the technology itself.

Why we are here in this lifetime, what we are here to learn, what we have recently learned, what will be our biggest challenges to learning it, can all be seen through the chart. The mind wants answers. Astrology not only provides these answers, it also provides solutions.

The Moon generally does no harm, but it is the most easiest to harm and its wounds are the deepest as it is where we are the most easily hurt. Essentially the Moon represents our mind (consciousness) and feeling potential. Our capacity and desire for peace and receptivity. 

This is the real issue with Venus. We all want happiness, but it is in where we look for it, and how high a price we pay for it, that determines how it will actually manifest. 

Wisdom is knowledge we already have. Past lessons we have already learned, the things no one ever had to teach us. We learn those lessons because of the pain and suffering experienced through Saturn.