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Albany Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients all over the world.

How often do we stop to remember that during the sunrise or sunset it is not the Sun that is moving, it is the Earth that is turning.Albany Astrologer

The seven rays of light indicate the planets and their forces. All seven colors fully shone and integrated comprise the original, single ray of light. Yet we struggle with even the individual rays in their full expression.

The Sun is our individual focused consciousness; the Moon is our conditioned reflective mind and consciousness. The Sun is our souls intention; the Moon connects our soul to physical existence. 

  Jupiter is the divine teacher guiding us to higher knowledge and wisdom.  

Albany Astrologer here.

  Ketu wants to be free of the world and its desires. He creates discontent, doubting, escapism and too narrow of a focus on all he touches. He is planet of sharp criticism and explosive frustration and temper. He acts like Mars in this way. 

Albany Astrologer here.

Through Astrology we gain insight into our deep-seated mental patterns and the karmas they cause. These patterns (samsaras) show the lessons our soul is trying to learn.

We incarnate when the planets arrange in accordance to our karmic lessons.

The Moon is a benefic planet helping all it contacts grow and ripen. 


The mind is what we need to see clearly with so as to understand our problems and Rahu can obscure that clarity. Sage Parashara states, “Rahu creates smoke…” Rahu expands, exaggerates and obsesses over the things he contacts.