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Akron Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients all over the world.

Soon, auspicious times for every event as well as the deeper motivating forces behind the universe were to be understood by studying the rhythm of Planetary movements and our relationship to them.Akron Astrologer

Essentially, the Astrological chart is a portrait of the pattern of our karma. Astrology shows the history of our soul: its progress so far.

Mars – (Kuja) Rules ARIES (masculine) and SCORPIO. (feminine) It is a Tamasic Planet - Mars is ruled by Skanda / Subramanya. 

A strong, or at least unafflicted Mercury is necessary for any and all forms of commerce and interchange. How can we get what we need or want if we are not able to ask for it or be understood clearly when we do? This is the domain of Mercury. 

Akron Astrologer here.

  Saturn represents the power of our actions and the ability to practice what we have learned, not just acknowledge it mentally. It gives the focus to carry out what we have started and bring it to completion. 

Akron Astrologer here.

A “Day’ is not just an arbitrary measurement of time based on our work and sleeping schedule, it is the time it takes our Planet to rotate once on its axis.

All human suffering is a result of the inability to express the full energy of the Planets.

  Mantra – Om hrim maha lakshmyai namah (Lakshmi) Keywords: Conditioned consciousness, Mind, memories, emotional outlook, sense of peace, nurturing quality, connection to others, Mother Archetype: Princess Diana

Jupiter – (Guru) Rules SAGITTARIUS (masculine) and PISCES (feminine) - A Sattvic Planet - Jupiter is ruled by Ganesha, the first son of Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha, like Jupiter has the power to remove obstacles.