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Abilene Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients all over the world.

We are struggling to get free and access the full power of who we really are.Abilene Astrologer

  Similarly there is a false sense of separateness that we have from each other and from our collective source. We try to understand the wholeness of reality through these limiting qualities of form and thought. Without a prism there would be no separation of light.

Whereas the Sun dominates and overshadows other planets it comes in contact with, the Moon absorbs the influence of other planets and seeks to harmonize and unify them. 

Jupiter is where we find grace and wisdom in life. He establishes our highest ethics and goals. He is a first rate benefic Planet. 

Abilene Astrologer here.

Saturn establishes the limits that we must respect such as time and death. I once heard it said that Jupiter is wisdom, but Saturn is the truth. I like this explanation. 

Abilene Astrologer here.

Given that we are not directly immersed in nature everyday, it is easy to forget that we are residing on a large round globe that makes one revolution per day and moves around a larger globe at the center of a larger system of planets.

Why we are here in this lifetime, what we are here to learn, what we have recently learned, what will be our biggest challenges to learning it, can all be seen through the chart. The mind wants answers. Astrology not only provides these answers, it also provides solutions.

The Moon – (Chandra) Rules CANCER - A Sattvic Planet - The Moon is the main indicator of Kapha dosha in the chart. 

Venus – (Shukra) Rules TAURUS (feminine) and LIBRA (masculine) - A Rajasic Planet - Lakshmi is the ruler of Venus as she is the Goddess of love, art, beauty and abundance. Venus teaches that life is joyous and pleasurable and that bliss and happiness is our true nature.

It is an unfortunate but true fact that human beings do not learn anything when all is going well. We fall asleep and enjoy the fun! But then our difficult karma awakens us from our slumber and we must face the truth.